ArtFire’s Etsy Item Importer Help Guide

The new item importer available to Pro members on ArtFire allows you to quickly import your listing data from your Etsy store to your ArtFire studio.  The importer is configured to work with the CSV file of your Etsy inventory. The process for saving the CSV of your Etsy listing data can be found on Etsy’s site here.  Be sure to pay attention to where you’ve saved your CSV file on your computer for step one of this guide.

Once you have the CSV file of your listing data saved on your computer, navigate to your MyArtFire Dashboard and select the “Tools” category in the left hand menu and click on the “Item Importer” tool.

BEFORE STARTING: The listing data provided in your CSV does not have any shipping information.  Shipping can only be added to items via a shipping profile.   You will need to assign a shipping profile to each item; manual shipping entries like those that appear on the full listing page are not available.  If you do not have any shipping profiles and intend to manually adjust each item after the import you will need to at least create one profile that can be used for this process and changed later when you manually add your shipping entries.

You can review the current shipping profiles you have here.

If you need help making a shipping profile this guide can help you get started.

Step 1: Browse and upload your CSV file.

Browse and upload your CSV file

The first step is to Upload your CSV file.   Click the “Browse” button, navigate to the location you saved your CSV file, select your CSV (press the “open” button), and click “Upload.”

Step 2: Select Categories, Select Shipping, and Review Key Item Details.

Import your Listings

Once you’ve uploaded your items you’ll be presented with this stagging area.  You can review and edit the most important item components like the title, description, price, quantity, and category. Please take the time to review the following for each listing:

A) Select Box - This is the box you will click if you want to import the item.  By default none of the items will be selected.

B)  Price/Quantity – Please make sure the price and quantity are accurate.  Now would be a great time to start listing in multiple quantities if you never have before and on ArtFire it won’t cost you any extra!  (Check out this post for all the benefits you get by listing in multiple quantities)

C)  Title & Description – In these boxes you can edit title and or description of an item before it is imported.  Editing your title or description is generally optional, however if you have google base submission turned on you will have to remove dissallowed words from your titles and descriptions before the tool will allow the items to be imported into your studio.

D)  Shipping and Categories – This area has 5 drop-down options.  One associated with the item’s shipping, the rest with the item’s ArtFire category.  You MUST select a shipping profile, a Top category, and a Main category.

E)  Global Options – If  many of your items share common top categories (such as “Handmade”),  main categories (such as “Handmade >> Jewelry”), or shipping profiles, you can use the drop downs in this box to apply those choices to all the items on the page.   Global selections can be overridden on a per item basis as well.

Step 3: Import Your Listings

You’re now ready to import your selected listings.  Scroll to the top or bottom of the page and click the “Import Listings” button.  This can take anywhere from a few seconds if you are only importing a handful of items up to several minutes if you are importing hundreds of items or more.  Once the process is complete you will be routed to a completion page indicating  how many items were imported successfully.   Important: do not close the tab or cancel the import mid process.

If you only had 50 or less items to import you can skip the next step that explains the process for larger inventory imports.

Step 4: Next Page (Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each page)

Each page of the importer will display 50 item rows from your CSV file hiding any detected duplicates and showing those that have not yet been imported into your ArtFire studio. If you have more than 50 items you will need to make use of the “Next Page” (and or “Previous Page”) buttons to navigate your inventory and import the items you’d like in your ArtFire Studio.

Changes are not saved as you navigate from page to page.  To import items on any given page you will need to make any necessary changes, click the “Import” button, and wait for the successful import confirmation before moving on to another page.

Thanks for reading the new Importer help guide.  Don’t miss our post “Etsy Item Importer: SEO Best Practices